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DISCLAIMER: This estimate of market value is computer generated by the application of various mathematical formulas and techniques to available public record, local market and proprietary data. This report has not been prepared by a licensed appraiser nor does it constitute an appraisal of the subject property and should not be relied upon as such. The data used to generate this report does not include information that could be derived from an inspection of the subject property and its surroundings. The condition of the property could greatly affect the accuracy of the estimate of value. The data and the information derived from the data in this report is provided as available and "AS IS" and is intended for internal asset valuation use only. All uses are at the user's sole risk. Axis AMC is not liable for the accuracy of the data or information provided in this report. The accuracy of the data and methodologies used are deemed reliable but are not warranted or guaranteed.

In our opinion, no AVM can account for nuances within a marketplace and therefore requires a knowledgeable local expert to determine which market sales are truly comparable to the subject property.